Gleeson Paulino - Sunrise Dip

With a commitment to sustainability and impassioned design, Fouta Harissa creates beautifully functional handwoven textiles for the beach and the home.  We dream and design from our studios in São Paulo, Brazil to bring you a modern take on traditional Foutas that also support fair labor practices and contribute to artisanal job creation and economic development in Tunisia.  


We are beach lovers, striving to make versatile pieces that are simple, beautiful, and practical. 


We are also Tunisians ourselves who believe everyone should eat Harissa (spicy flavorful chili paste) and benefit from the good taste and high-quality work of our country's artisans. 

When we, Alia and Lamia, met in Tunis in 2011, we felt an immediate kinship.  We each have a Tunisian father and an American mother and our lives were sort of mirror images.  Lamia was born and raised in Tunis and spent time in Seattle growing up, while Alia grew up in New York City and spent summers in Tunisia.


After spending 5 years in Tunis, Alia settled in Miami in 2016 while Lamia landed in São Paulo, Brazil.  Despite our far-flung geography, we've maintained our friendship and a deep connection to Tunisia.  Wherever we go we feel like unofficial ambassadors of sorts, sharing gifts of Tunisian artisanship with friends and family.


In time, we decided to meld our backgrounds in social entrepreneurship and sustainability with a shared passion for sustainable handmade products.


Meet the Founders


Our global team of incredible contributors who are making this textile dream come alive is made up of a group of diverse and talented women from New Zealand and Brazil to Tunisia and Spain. 

We all share an obsession with innovative product design, beautiful textiles and a desire to work with Tunisia’s skilled artisans to bring the word ethically handmade products. From raw materials to fair labor practices, we are a female-founded social business with sustainability and bold design at the heart of everything we do.