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We love seeing how our textiles weave their way into your lives. Photographing herself in the images here is artist Nicole Hitchins with her Oasis collection throw, A Green Spot in the Desert. Nicole is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY, where she runs her one-woman graphic design studio.

“Aside from the versatility of the throw itself ( I've used it for picnics, as a beach blanket, toweling off after a warm outdoor shower, as a bathing suit cover up, as a blanket for napping, the list goes on...), I think the thing that makes the throws most special is their story-- being made by hand with ethically sourced materials and practices. There's just something so special about knowing your throw was made by the hands of someone halfway across the world. In a time where we've all felt so disconnected from others I appreciate human connectedness, however abstract, more than ever."

Visit Nicole Hitchins' website to see more of her work & visit her Instagram profile @nicolehitchins.

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