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FH PROFILE // Faouzia Charfi

Last summer, we spent an unforgettable day in the home of Professor Faouzia Charfi. Faouzia radiates a magnetic warmth. It’s a blend of chic, cultured and confident, underpinned by the intensity of an insatiable intellect and wrapped up in impeccable style. And it’s no wonder, she’s an incredibly accomplished physicist, intellectual, politician, and now, our dear friend, who, like us, appreciates a spicy dollop of homemade harissa and rocks a fouta wherever she goes. We were guests of her daughter, Leila, a fellow fouta lover and good friend in Tunisia.

Faouzia’s home reflects her personal style: An unconventional blend of beautiful treasures from abroad and close to home--with an appreciation for unique details and origin stories (the texture of a weave or the handmade beginnings of her bracelets and foutas), and, of course, fun (she’s equally adept at styling a fouta over a simple frock as with skinny jeans and Dr. Martens).

We spoke about the skeins of yarn hanging from the medina of Tunis (“a rapture of colors”, according to Faouzia), the handmade textiles unique to specific regions of Tunisia (her favorite piece is a beautiful red shawl from Chenini), and the trailblazing perseverance, independence and optimism that her three daughters say are her defining traits.

Faouzia is so committed to hard work and positivity, we felt like we had a karmic recharge. Spending the afternoon with her left us feeling full--our mission with Fouta Harissa refocused, our moods aloft, and our outlook buoyed in the way that powerful conversations with inspiring friends can transport you into a new mindframe of optimism and possibility.

We hope this capsule collection, titled TERRA as an homage to power, rebirth and awakening, and inspired and modeled by Faouzia Charfi, sparks those same feelings in you.

Shop the TERRA capsule here.

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