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FH TRAVEL // Tunisian Road Trip

As Tunisia hits the headlines these last couple of weeks, we wanted to show you another side - a glance at everyday life with all of its richness, complexity and infinite beauty. We dug into our iPhone archives to bring you a visual snippet of trips we’ve taken across Tunisia in the last couple of years. The “fouta mobile” takes us from Tunis to Mahdia and all the way down south, all while holding meetings, stopping for photo ops and choosing the perfect soundtracks.

One of my favorite things about traveling within the country with Laura, FH creative director, who is Brazilian and New Zealander, is seeing everything she pays attention to, things that grab her eye that usually seem mundane to me as a Tunisian who grew up there. It's where a lot of our best ideas come from. We especially love stumbling across vintage shops, a whole other portal into artisanal paradise.

Tunisia and all of its different scenes are in everything we do. We’ll keep digging through our archives here to transport you to the country’s innumerable facets. Check out our "Tunisian Diary" Instagram highlights for some real footage of me driving the "fouta mobile" ;)

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