Simple, Beautiful and Practical

Simple, Beautiful and Practical

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The ideal tote/beach bag. 100% cotton, thick canva. Natural color. Silk-print in black.

Wide straps, pocket on the inside, fits everything. 


This is a collaboration between Fouta Harissa and Brazilian design agency Sometimes Always. 


We met last year in São Paulo, Fouta Harissa’s first home, and decided to create a few pieces together that turned into an ode to the concrete jungle, a city that connects cultures in the most diverse and unexpected contexts.  


Working with Sometimes Always, we were especially curious to see what they would come up with on Tunisia after their signature intensive research and their unique creative lens. 


They are behind our new favorite slogan, Harissa is better than Ketchup :) 


This intercultural exchange resulted in a 3-piece collection that promotes dialogue between the urban paulista life and elements of Tunisian culture. 


We also worked together with the São Paulo-based brand Singapura to carefully design t-shirts you’ll actually want to wear, and a wide strap tote bag you’ll carry everywhere. 


Made in Brasil. 


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