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Our Solstice Dreams Collection

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Solstice Dreams 

The solstice. The longest and shortest day of the year, marking when the Sun appears to be at its highest point on earth. Solstice energy reminds us where we stand, our connection to mother earth, and our place within the universe. 

The June 21st solar eclipse in Cancer, curiously aligned with the solstice, energizes us to get uncomfortable and challenge the belief systems that no longer serve us. With this solstice capsule collection, we want to make a little room for magic in your lives; an invitation to reflect inward and understand the profound changes happening on an individual and collective level right now. 

In this moment, home rituals can help us stay grounded and be more intentional in our actions. We want to invite you to take care of your mind, body and spirit, so you can show up for your communities.

Solstice represents a shift; an opportunity to embrace the challenges of the past and collectively dream of a new future we can feel good about. Solstice is also time to celebrate - celebrate the people you love, the place you call home, and the room you’re making for magic. 

We hope that the delicate handmade Foutas we’ve designed for this collection bring some comfort to your home rituals, some color and joy to someone you care for, some coziness to your lounging, and some glamor to your zoom calls. 

We could all use a little magic right now. 


Photo by Zayene Bechir

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

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